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Exploring Metal as Textile

  • Date:04/07/2024 12:00 - 11/07/2024 12:00
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Alysn regularly uses metal, metallics, heat distressable materials, machine and hand and during this course she will work with you, engaging you with design techniques which can be used for any type of project and allow you to explore or extend your use of metals in your textile art.

You will develop a design using straightforward techniques based around simple observations and drawn marks, developed and refined using masking, tracing, changing scale and looking at the negative spaces. Inspiration may be taken from any source including water, bark, close-up plant patterns and forms, patterns from embroidery designs, human forms, architecture or the built environment. 

You will colour, manipulate and stitch metal shims (fine metals including domestically available reclaimed metals), woven metals fabrics, sheer fabrics, use burning techniques, machine appliqué, free motion machine techniques, soluble film techniques, and hand stitch and wires for the detailing.

Through these processes you will reveal rich, textured surfaces combining thread, beads, the shine of a metallic surface and the transparency of metal fabrics.

This course is designed for using your sewing machine, preferably with free motion stitching, though we can adapt it to use your standard stitches. It would be a great time to develop or perfect your free machining techniques. If you are a hand stitcher, don’t despair – the workshop can be taken without a sewing machine though some techniques will take longer or need adapting.

You will have a free choice of how to express the design and materials, perhaps creating a panel or a three dimensional sculpture, a vessel, a lamp cover or wearable accessory.


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Alysn has been described as an inspirer, facilitator and energiser.

She is a highly competent and widely experienced artist in fine art textiles, an author of several books and numerous articles, a tutor and former gallery director.

Her wall based and sculptural forms are based on metals, fibres, textiles and stitch and are driven by curiosity about the human psyche, about science and the natural environment. It is a practice inviting connections to personal experiences and the works are marked visually by a complex lyrical fluidity. The works are rarely representational but aim for an emotive, visceral response from the viewer. Her materials regularly include copper, stainless steel and other metals and woven metal fabrics, wires, papers, fabrics, threads, paints, threads and natural objects.

Alysn says “I have an experimental and curious nature leading to continuously evolving and changing works and media, investigating new dimensions as they develop. It is a pleasure to adapt my ideas into formats which can be used by other fibre artists, and embroiderers for their own practice”.

Recent awards for selected exhibitions include: Mandurah Wearable Art (Australia) for ‘What Lies Beneath’; ‘Wall Brooches II’, (Australia) for ‘Taniwha’; ‘Changing Threads’ Nelson Arts ‘Bernina Award’ for ‘The Space Between VII’.

Book publications include ‘Between the Sheets with Angelina’, ‘this lustr’ed cloth’ and ‘Stitch, Fibre, Metal and Mixed Media’


Prices per person for 2024 are as follows:

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Double occupancy€1,700
Day student (no accommodation)
Day student€690
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