Textile Collage

  • Date: 03/09/2022 12:00 - 10/09/2022 12:00



Mandy Pattullo joins us to bring a series of inspirational workshops based on her textile collage techniques. 

You will use vintage materials to create collages and use surface stitching and applique, taking things slowly, unpicking and deconstructing and working with only hand stitch. There will be further development of these techniques to make a small bag and a tiny fabric book to put inside it. 

At the end of the week we will turn a bit botanical using the seed heads that are around the gite as an inspiration for a Seed Heads piece. You will learn to layer up and appliqué backgrounds for your compositions and will use embroidery stitches imaginatively to describe the structure and silhouette of these remains of the summer.

Mandy will do many demonstrations through out the week and bring inspirational samples, clear instructions and templates for those who can not draw (!)  but she will also remain flexible  and if you choose to just remain with one style of working rather than having a go at everything that is fine with her.  

This is a week of learning but it is also about the meditative and healing power of slow hand stitching so you will be encouraged to take your time.



Mandy Pattullo is a textile artist based in Northumberland. She trained as a surface pattern designer and worked in an art college before returning to her own practice and setting up a studio. 

She works predominantly with old and worn fabrics and fragments of old quilt and uses textile collage, applique and hand stitching techniques. She makes fabric pictures but also works within fabric book formats and onto garments. 

She teaches workshops across the UK and in Europe and is the author of two books - “Textile Collage” ( 2016) and “Textiles Transformed” ( 2020).