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Colour and Pattern: Close Focus on Flowering Plants

  • Date: 04/06/2022 12:00 - 11/06/2022 12:00
  • Location



During the week you will be stepping in and out of the lovely gardens at Studio Prèniac to look closely at flowering plants, to gather a wealth of detail and exciting colour juxtapositions.

In the studio Dorothy will gently guide you through various processes relating to mixing colour, free style painting directly on cloth, layering and cutting away, patching and piecing, and last but not least hand stitching using the simplest of stitches. Kantha will be introduced, but not exclusively so.

Led by your own unique take on colour and pattern, exploring these processes and taking a few risks will culminate in a collection of freely worked evolving experimental samples in paint, cloth and stitch, some of which will become small beautiful works of art.

This course is for everyone open to developing their use of stitch and pattern and colour.

Summer: Acrylic paint on cloth freely stitched 

Pear Tree: Watercolour

Plate and Leaves:  Kantha 



Dorothy Tucker works from her home in North Norfolk. She likes to be out-of-doors working directly from what she sees and feels. Her work is about colour and light as experienced in a particular location, or in the juxtaposition of colour in patches and pieces, layers and marks, or just through mixing colour. Some of these drawings and paintings lead into her multi-media contemporary stitched textiles.

Her choice to stitch by hand is informed by her extensive research into kantha, the embroidered quilts Bengal, a process of stitching which features in her own work and in the courses she tutors in the UK and internationally.

She is a member of the Textile Study Group. Her work is featured in Textile Study Group exhibitions and website, and in INSIGHTS, a recent Textile Study Group publication.


This autumn Dorothy Tucker is exhibiting with Ruth Issett : Colour Conversations 18 September- 31 October, 2021 at The Museum in the Park, Stroud, Gloucestershire.