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Landscape Unfolds; Exploring Place Through Inspiration: Observation: Imagination

  • Date: 07/05/2022 12:00 - 14/05/2022 12:00
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Take inspiration from the landscape of Préniac. Look in detail at edges in the surroundings, the transitional places where one thing stops and another starts; paths and boundaries, land and water, trees, earth and  grasses forming sculptural edges, garden spaces with weathered paint and stone work.

Close observation reveals distinctive texture colour and form, intriguing inspiration for development into textile and mixed media work.

Enjoy inspirational personal teaching with Amanda who specialises in drawing out the creative energy of individuals through exploration of the textile processes she has developed.

Spend time getting to know the landscape, observing and recording using quick intuitive sketching, mark making and frottage to capture elements of place in line and texture with colour notes and references, building an inspirational record of place.

This personal resource will then be used to inspire work through experimentation with techniques to create a unique series of tactile surfaces to work with painted marks, stitched line and texture with a focus on hand stitch. Explore the use of simple stitches to work subtle colour, texture and detail into surfaces. Individual and group guidance will be given throughout to develop samples and ideas through to a more resolved personal outcome.



Amanda combines drawn and painted marks with the tactile qualities of thread, paper and fabric. The essence of the landscape and natural forms inspire her work. She uses drawing to record fleeting fragments observed and absorbed; she looks at the familiar, sees the extraordinary and respond to subtle changes in view in the rhythmic motion of walking. The evocative moods of seasonal change and atmospheric qualities of light and changing weather experienced when walking are a constant source of inspiration.

Scale of work ranges from individual hangings, wall mounted panels and framed textile artworks. /
Instagram @amandahislop