Group Photographs and Course Outline:

Dorothy Tucker: Contrasts in Cloth: - 9th - 16th June 2018

Course Outline:

Dorothy currently stitches compositions by hand that continue to be inspired by Kantha work. She uses a mix of non-representational and figurative motifs often referencing the natural world. Dorothy has travelled to India and it comes as no surprise that much of her influence comes from there.

By travelling through several processes we will build colourful designs on cloth, and then take some risks in making radical changes to colour and surface.

A wealth of ideas will be released and recorded as we handle and compare the intriguing contrasts we create.

This was Dorothy's first visit to Studio Préniac.

Sue Stone: llustrative Stitch - A Personal Approach: - 26th May - 2nd June 2018

Course Outline:

Sue is a UK based artist/maker who is best known for textural, figurative compositions sensitively worked in both hand and machine stitch and collage.

This experimental workshop will cover both figurative and non-figurative elements in hand and machine stitch, appliqué and paint. Gather images of texture, pattern, text, and colour palettes at the local market as inspiration and reference for your work.

Add your own imagination and choose your colours, fabrics, and threads to reflect your own personality. Look afresh at a simple stitch vocabulary and a variety of techniques and experiment to develop them further.

Sue will provide a selection of images to use as a starting point for the figurative elements and will bring her handling samples to illustrate the simple processes she uses to make her work.

Techniques covered include: appliqué, needle-weaving, ‘mock’ herringbone, colour mixing in the needle to create depth and using contrasting weights & types of thread to create texture.

This was Sue's first visit to Studio Préniac.

Gwen Hedley: Beneath the Surface - 16th - 23rd September 2017.

Course Outline:

Explore the exciting potential of layering. Layers can conceal and reveal, can be aged and eroded, crisp and sharp, obvious or subtle, or can disappear altogether, leaving interesting remains!

Build up or dig down to create unique surfaces and structures.

Layering with colour, cloth, stitch, and a variety of media, we will make interesting and exciting 2D, 3D or relief textile pieces.

Using hand and/or machine stitch, you can expect to develop new work, with your own individual approaches, along with a bank of ideas for future pieces.

Personal tutorials will be frequent and on-going, leading to fruitful and positive experiences.

The course is suitable for all levels of experience, and an open mind and a sense of adventure is a distinct advantage!

This was Gwen's fourth visit to Studio Préniac.

Ruth Issett: Consider Colour - 10th - 17th June 2017.

Course Outline:

Working with a carefully selected palette of colour, this fabric based course will offer the chance to discover the potential of dynamic colour.

Using simple dyeing and printing techniques, students will initially explore a unique and personal colour collection. Their collections will be used to create personal nuggets of colour by carefully combining different colourful ingredients.

These colourful nuggets will be the starting point for a collection of colour related explorations incorporating layering and stitch.

Consideration of proportion, surface, texture and colour intensity will be an important element of this course and will give opportunities for students to connect with their own working practice.

This was Ruth's eighth visit to Studio Préniac.

Jan Beaney & Jean Littlejohn: Rags to Riches - Constructing Cloths - 20th - 27th May 2017.

Course Outline:

Inspired by the colours and textures of Préniac, students combined a range of materials to construct a set of unique cloths that capture the essence of the locality.

Inspiration will include organic, architectural or even historical images.

Techniques include hand and machine stitching or the use of the embellisher as appropriate.

This was Jan & Jean's second visit to Studio Préniac.

Louise Baldwin: Scratching the Surface: - 3rd - 10th September 2016.

Course Outline:

Using stitch and an eclectic range of mixed media and techniques to build up, manipulate and wear away materials to create a collection of exciting surfaces and structures that explore the landscape around you.

This was Louise's third visit to Studio Préniac.

Ruth Issett: Stitched Dyed Surfaces: - 18th - 25th June 2016.

Course Outline:

Using white or neutral fabrics, such as cotton, silk, viscose and linen, we created and explored the possibilities of different textile surfaces, using a variety of techniques including manipulation, devore, and layering before adding colour.

By adding stitched embellishment, unique and unexpected surfaces can be prepared for the application of glorious colour, then mixing and applying Procion Mx dye colours, wonderful individual colour palettes can be created and applied to these stitched surfaces.

This was Ruth's seventh visit to Studio Préniac.

Jean Draper: The Nature of Pattern: - 21st - 28th May 2016.

Course Outline:

Historically, certain cultures are renowned for the richness of their pattern-making, evident in all areas of their lives.

Often, because these people have lived close to nature, it can be seen that their decorative patterns are derived from their environment.

In the beautiful surroundings of Studio Preniac, our aim will be to discover and study natural pattern with a view to developing ideas for stitched textiles.

Participants will be helped and encouraged to use a variety of methods, techniques and materials, in order to make exciting patterned work that is entirely individual in character.

This was Jean's second visit to Studio Préniac.

Gwen Hedley: In Focus: - 7th - 14th May 2016.

Course Outline:

This course was very much about developing individual approaches to work and is suitable for all levels of experience.

Working from our inspirational location, or from a theme you may already be pursuing, we explored aspects of design sources, using mixed media and a wide range of interesting art processes.

Issues of scale were considered - from small and precious to big and bold, stitching by hand and/or machine. We looked carefully at colour blends and effects - from soft, aged and subtle, to sharp and vibrant.

Also considered were ideas concerning the important issue of mounting and presenting work.

This was Gwen's fourth visit to Studio Préniac.

Gwen Hedley: Personal Pathways: - 22nd - 29th September 2015.

Course Outline:

This course was designed to discover and develop individual approaches to work. The beautifully rich and varied environment of Préniac was the creative resource, and recorded information and ideas onto paper and cloth, using unique tools and a wide range of range of unusual and exciting art techniques to include; soya wax resist drawing and collagraphic prints.

Comprehensive workbooks were made, filled with personal designs, stitched interpretations, and a wealth of ideas for continuing work.

This was Gwen's third visit to Studio Préniac.

Sandra Meech: Design & Imagery for Stitch: - 8th - 15th September 2015.

Course Outline:

Working to a personal theme, with the use of photo images as a design source, we will be exploring composition through mixed media collages. Line, shape, pattern and texture and other design “essentials” will become part of a chunky handmade bound sketchbook offering a wonderful resource of ideas for the future.

Through this journey other techniques will be included – heat transfer images on fabric, stitching into mixed media pages and through “wireform” for dimension, and also the basics of Photoshop Elements. Some ideas will be taken further in fabric, creating larger stitched art textile pieces.

Ruth Issett: Shadows, Pushing the Boundaries of Colour on Paper: - 24th June- 1st July 2015.

Course Outline:

Students created rich and vibrant effects on papers using colour to produce sumptuous surfaces and converted these materials and processes into numerous visual ideas for sketch books, design developments or finished pieces.

Explored the qualities of a variety of suitable papers as well as different colour including inks, acrylic media and colour.

Added some simple printing techniques to explore the possibilities of layered colour as well as the addition of dry media.

Combined these papers to create rich colourful ideas, such as collage or compositional arrangements.

The techniques learnt were then further developed into a series of considered finished pieces. The processes learned were then used repeatedly with the addition of stitch or additional rich colour to give finish, depth or mystery.

This was Ruth's sixth visit to Studio Préniac.

Cas Holmes: Shadows, Layer and Line in Cloth: - 30th May - 6th June 2015.

Course Outline:

We drew inspiration from the locality: landscape, gardens, plants and found materials as a resource and explore direct approaches for creating colour and movement on cloth.

Techniques covered included some of the following:

Transfer printing with plants and stencils, simple dye resists methods, sun printing, stitch and layering methods.

Exchange of ideas, collaboration with others and individual development will be added to the mix in the creation new surfaces from found materials for textile mixed media work and stitch.

We also explored variations of straight stitch, hand and machine to add a diverse range of textures, layers and structure to the work as you progress in the development of your own figurative or abstract projects mentored by an experienced artist and tutor.

This was Cas's third visit to Studio Préniac.

Jan Beaney & Jean Littlejohn: Close Encounters at Preniac: - 16th - 23rd May 2015

Course Outline:

Jan & Jean need no introduction from us and we were delighted to welcome them to Studio Préniac for the first time.

Using a range of art techniques, and mixed media, to build a fat source book of ideas and small stitched trials and begin a resolved piece.

With personal tutorials, and plenty of scope for individual choices and approaches, this was an exciting and fruitful workshop.

Jean Draper: Stitch Structures with Mixed Media: - 13th - 20th September 2014.

Course Outline:

The beautiful surroundings of Studio Préniac will provide inspiration and some of the materials for use in our work.

After investigating and recording structures in the immediate environment, we then went on to create structural pieces, using various forms of hand stitching.

Both two and three-dimensional pieces were be made.

Ruth Issett: All Lined up with Colour: - 30th August - 6th September 2014.

Course Outline:

A fun course for the textile enthusiast wanting to explore the possibilities of lines and stripes as well as abundant colour. Working on paper and fabric, using printing plus some dye to create exciting colour combinations as well as a variety of different stitch applications.

The fabrics, and papers, will be used to explore the possibilities of vertical and horizontal lines, broken or disjointed marks, even grids and meshes with hand and machine stitch.

These were then layered, turned, concealed and revealed to produce a colourful series of textile pieces.

A busy course exploring simple techniques with glorious colour and lots of possibilities!

An opportunity to recharge the creative batteries, to explore new territory in a well appointed and spacious setting, with experienced tutoring.

This was be Ruth's fifth visit to Studio Préniac.

Gwen Hedley: Rythm and Repetition: - 17th -24th May 2014.

Course Outline:

This workshop explored pattern in its very broadest sense, looking at it with new eyes and new applications.

Using the local environment to source marks and shapes to build individual rhythms, we built unique and exciting designs, that can be clear and distinct, soft and disintegrating, obvious and bright or fading and aged, fragmented and just hinted at - the possibilities are endless.

2 or 3D, designs might be all over a cloth, in patched areas, as borders, bands, or as a small focal point within a larger piece of work.

Using a range of art techniques, and mixed media, to build a fat source book of ideas and small stitched trials, and to begin a resolved piece.

With personal tutorials, and plenty of scope for individual choices and approaches, this was an exciting and fruitful workshop.

This was Gwen's second visit to Studio Préniac.

Louise Baldwin: Wild Lace - Fragments of Landscape and Life: 14th - 21st September 2013.

Course Outline:

Working with mixed media and stitch (hand and machine) to create evocative 'lacy' networks that reflect the landscape around us.

Looking at colour and mark as well as using a range of techniques from watersoluble fabrics to disintegrating paper, binding over wire frames, layering your unique networks up or creating delicate mixed media 3D forms.

Louis guided students through a series of experimental techniques providing plenty of time to develop projects on this exciting course.

This was be Louise's second visit to Studio Preniac.

Cas Holmes: Using the Found: Text, Paper & Image: - 7th - 14th Septemeber 2013.

Course Outline:

The primary focus of this workshop was to explore text and image as a means of visual communication.

Working on paper and limited fabric scaps this course looks at the use of found materials for rubbings, stencilling, print and the use id text/image/writing both as a design element and as a means for informing work and the development of new ideas.

This was Cas's second visit to Studio Preniac.

Ruth Isset: Ladling on the Colour: - 25th May - 1st June 2013.

Course Outline:

Building rich colourful surfaces using paper and fabric colouring techniques.

A course specifically designed for teachers and the more experienced, to inspire and invigorate.

Taking paper and fabric but focusing on the understanding and use of colour, this course will use a number of different dye and print based techniques to investigate colouring processes both on paper and fabric.

The course focused specially on the use of transparent, translucent and opaque effects combined with simple compositional imagery.

An opportunity to recharge the creative batteries, to explore new territory in a well appointed and spacious setting, with experienced tutoring.

This was Ruth's fourth visit to Studio Preniac.

Gwen Hedley: French Flavours - 15th - 22nd September 2012.

Gwen Hedley and students

Course Outline:

Together, using a wide range of art techniques and new approaches, to capture the flavours of S.W. France, building exciting workbook/journals with unexpected elements inside, and a collection of small hand-stitched interpretations.

Flexibility and Spontaneity are keywords, and with plenty of scope for individual choices and personal tutorials, to create a well-filled and inspiring book, with plenty of ideas for on-going work.

Jeanette Appelton: Felt, Colour and Stitch - 2nd - 9th June 2012

Jeanette Appleton and students

Course Outline:

Enjoy the surprises and discovery of new colours by mixing dyed wool tops and the transformation of hand stitch through the felt making process.

Explore contrasts and proportion in areas of colour and detailed marks. Stitching on each layer of pre felts, fabric and the finished felt surface.

Linking personal themes with the surrounding French landscape and culture.

Personal tutorials will highlight and focus individual strengths and ideas to find a way forward for further work.

Jeanette's specific felt technique enables you to discover en route through the process its final destination.

Sampling for ideas and prototypes towards a completed small fashion/interior item or art work.

Ruth Issett: Rythms od Colour: - 19th - 26th May 2012

Ruth Issett and students

Course Outline:

Based around a geometric theme, units of rich, bold electric colour will be created making a personal collection of dyed fabrics.

Using accessible but specific dye colouring techniques, this collection will then be further enhanced by limited areas of print to enrich colour of the surfaces.

These pieces will then become the building blocks of further colourful compositions using simple hand and machine stitch embellishment.

This course is designed for those who wish to experience the powerful use of personally created colour, in a spacious and inspirational location.