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Creative Textiles Courses 2021:

Please see below for our scheduled Creative Textile Holidays for 2021.

We are lucky enough to be welcoming back some of our favourite tutors: Ruth Issett and Amanda Hislop

We’re also very excited to welcome for the first time to Studio Préniac, textile artists Sarah Burgess and Amarjeet Nandhra.

Please see the 2021 price list at the bottom of this page.

SARAH BURGESS - 8th-15th May 2021

Sarah Burgess

Dancing Light and Layered Shadow:

Using the rich and beautiful environment of Préniac with its swimming pool and nearby lakes, as well as reflections in glass, we will concentrate on responding to fleeting images, reflections, dancing light and constantly shifting shadows as the starting point for this workshop.

Following a series of initial exercises to stimulate our ideas and imagination, we will work with mono-print on semi-transparent papers and fabrics to create a series of highly individual and atmospheric layered pieces.

Students will be supported by individual tutorials to develop their experimental ideas into more resolved work using print, stitch and shadow applique techniques working with hand or machine as the student prefers.

Sarah Burgess Work

You can see more of Sarah's work by following the links below:

Sarah Burgess Showcase

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AMARJEET NANDHRA - 22nd-29th May 2021:


Print Glorious Print; Fabric and Paper:

Create a range of exciting surface coloured papers and fabrics, using a range of methods. The wonderful surrounding landscape will be your source of inspiration. We will collect and record information using simple sketches or photographs and notes – looking close and in detail, observing marks, colours, textures and pattern.

Back at the studio, these findings will be used to inspire exercises in print and collage. We will explore mark-making, pattern, texture and colour using mono prints (reductive, additive and drawn methods), stamping, stencils and masks (make your own).

Gradually building up layers and depth, by obscuring, overprinting, and ghost images also using transparent and opaque materials.

How you choose to develop these fabric and paper prints will depend on your personal preference; either fill a sketch book full of exciting ideas to develop later or work on a collaged finished piece. Throughout there will be discussions and instructions about design and what makes a good composition.

There is an option to use hand stitch and machine stitch to further enhance and embellish the surface.

Through out your time you will also have one-to-one tutorials to discuss your personal pathways and the possible future directions you could take.

This course is suitable for all levels; the only requirement is a willingness to be challenged, to experiment and have fun.

Amarjeet Nandhra Work

You can see more of Amarjeet's work by following the link below:

Amarjeet Nandhra Showcase

AMANDA HISLOP - 5th-12th June 2021

Amada Hislop

Landscape Unfolds; Exploring Place Through Inspiration: Observation: Imagination:

Take inspiration from the landscape of Préniac. Look in detail at edges in the surroundings, the transitional places where one thing stops and another starts; paths and boundaries, land and water, trees, earth and grasses forming sculptural edges, garden spaces with weathered paint and stone work.

Close observation reveals distinctive texture colour and form, intriguing inspiration for development into textile and mixed media work.

Enjoy inspirational personal teaching with Amanda who specialises in drawing out the creative energy of individuals through exploration of the textile processes she has developed. We will spend time getting to know the landscape, observing and recording using quick intuitive sketching, mark making and frottage to capture elements of place in line and texture with colour notes and references, building an inspirational record of place.

This personal resource will then be used to inspire work through experimentation with techniques to create a unique series of tactile surfaces to work with painted marks, stitched line and texture with a focus on hand stitch. Explore the use of simple stitches to work subtle colour, texture and detail into surfaces. Individual and group guidance will be given throughout to develop samples and ideas through to a more resolved personal outcome.

You can see more of Amanda's work, just follow the links below:

See Amanda's Showcase.

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RUTH ISSETT - 19th-26th June 2021

Ruth Issett

Explore Colourful Surface Mark & Stitch:

This course will initially explore combining and working with different qualities of un-dyed fabrics and threads in stitched samples. Fabrics will be manipulated, embellished and altered with a variety of hand and machine techniques.

This collection will then undergo a transformation by the selected addition of glorious dye colour, enabling students to create their own unique colourful collection of fabric pieces.

Once dyed and dried these samples may be unravelled, unpicked or further enhanced or combined. The potential of different techniques and fabric qualities could then be developed further.

The course will include the use of a varied and carefully selected collection of fabrics (non-synthetic), the exploration of different stitched and manipulative techniques, and the application of Procion Mx dye colour.

Further experimental and exploratory work will be included as the course progresses!

You can see more of Ruth's work, just follow the link below:

See more of Ruth's work at the Textile Study Group

RUTH ISSETT - 4th-11th September 2021

Ruth Issett

Exploring the Possibilities of Colour, Print & Paper Surfaces:

A colourful course which will explore the possibilities of different papers, various acrylic media and accessible printing techniques, as a means of developing imagery and individual ideas.

Using different paper surfaces, from smooth and crisp papers to delicate and fragile tissues, we will explore their qualities and responses to liquid colour. We will use a variety of colour applications such as printing, collage and surfaces finishes including varnishes and dry media.

A flexible course of exploration designed to develop knowledge as well the opportunity to experiment with a variety of techniques and paper surfaces.

Further experimental and exploratory work will be included as the course progresses!

You can see more of Ruth's work, just follow the link below:

See more of Ruth's work at the Textile Study Group

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